Going Big in Real Estate: Interview with David Kassir
October 26, 2023
he best real estate advice from a Financial Advisor

Hello real estate enthusiasts! I am thrilled to share an exclusive interview with the remarkable David Kassir – the one and only. In this engaging conversation, we dive deep into the world of real estate, exploring some of the best advice David has received throughout his impressive career. If you’re looking to take your real estate game to the next level, this is a must-watch.

The Best Real Estate Advice:

I couldn’t resist asking David about the best real estate advice he’s ever received. What was the golden nugget of wisdom that shaped his journey? As it turns out, it’s all about thinking big.

David recalls his mentor in his early 20s imparting the wisdom that every deal should have a zero added to it. At first, this might seem cryptic, but it took him a few years to truly grasp the concept. The core message is simple yet profound – the same amount of energy spent on a small deal, like a two or three-unit building, can be applied to a much larger project, such as a 10 to 20-unit building. The key takeaway here is to think bigger, to aim higher.

The Power of Scaling:

David goes on to explain the power of scaling in real estate. He highlights an interesting contrast between financing smaller and larger properties. When acquiring a one to four-unit asset, the focus is primarily on your personal financial capacity, making the loan process more challenging. In contrast, with a five-unit or larger property, lenders are primarily concerned with the income generated by the building itself and its overall security. This distinction makes the process significantly easier as you venture into larger investments.

Go Big or Go Home:

So, what’s the bottom line? David’s message is clear – if you’re in the real estate game, it’s time to go big or go home. Scaling up your investments not only reduces the hurdles you face when securing financing, but it also opens up more opportunities for growth and profitability.


In this captivating interview, David Kassir shares valuable insights into the world of real estate. The mantra here is to think bigger, embrace larger opportunities, and reap the rewards of scaling up your investments. If you’re passionate about real estate and want to make a mark in this industry, don’t be afraid to go big.

Stay tuned for more exciting interviews, tips, and insights from David and me as we navigate the world of real estate together. Thanks for reading and watching!

Remember, the key to real estate success is to think big, invest wisely, and never stop learning. Happy investing!

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