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European Influence

European Influence

Studying Management Information Systems at George Mason University, Avisha felt that learning outside of the classroom was an integral part of her education. Therefore, during her senior year, she studied abroad to bring what she was learning in textbooks to life.

Having travelled the world extensively in her youth, as a young adult Avisha was now able to see and experience countries like Italy, Spain, Greece, and Russia with an entirely new perspective and purpose.

With a burgeoning entrepreneurial mindset, she used her time overseas to make international business contacts and inroads that would help establish her in the European market after graduation.

The experience left a profound impact on Avisha that would influence her and her career for the rest of her life.

$100 Million Dollar TV Shopping Rocket

Avisha was inspired by the wealth and legacy her father created for himself and their family.

She came of age alongside the family’s exclusive furniture and rug business that catered to the nation’s one percent. Shops were situated in the most prestigious areas including 5th Avenue in New York, Greenwich, Connecticut, and Princeton, New Jersey.

Under her father’s wing, she learned to look for even the most technical distinctions in quality furniture and accessories. How to message, market, and close sales with the savviest and most discerning clients. And when to stand her ground or build a bridge during negotiations. If genetics played a role in acquiring these skills, Avisha certainly inherited them.

Avisha connected with an influencer from the Home Shopping Network (HSN) who was enamored and captivated by the family’s galleries, refined pieces, and incredible artisan workshops. HSN asked both Avisha and her sister, Anne, to bring the collections and collectables they sold in the galleries to their TV audience.

Sorelle, the Italian word for sisters, was created in 2004 and featured on HSN and other shopping channels around the globe.

Avisha Kassir

Quality Assurance & Fierce Negotiations

To achieve their goal of making high-end merchandise affordable to the masses, Avisha and Anne oversaw every conceivable detail of the business.

From vendors, to materials, to designs, packaging and logistics, the duo established an international supply chain developed with keen awareness of trade regulations and the strength of the US dollar in each country.

For example, they leveraged their smarts to bring 24% crystal, the very same high-end pieces that Waterford carried, to Sorelle customers for astonishingly less. Tea sets which were made in the same workshops that supplied porcelain tea and coffee service to the Vatican with price points so reasonable that someone with modest resources could afford them.

While beauty and refinement were seen in the products, at the heart of it all was Avisha and Anne’s demonstrated prowess for fierce negotiations.

Innovative Marketing and Record-Breaking Sales

Avisha believed that the buying experience was just as important as the quality of the product itself. This belief had to be reconciled with using the most economical way of getting products in the hands of her customers without diminishing the presentation and perceived value.

Initially, the sisters brought their ideas, business acumen, and gifts of storytelling to HSN. Using the camera lens as their conduit, Anne and Avisha enticed viewers to join them on a buying journey using bright smiles and intimate knowledge of the handcrafted collections created.

Eventually, they would hold a place in history as Sorelle’s sales exceeded $100 million combined on HSN, TVSN Australia, Ideal World England, the Canadian Shopping Channel, and Shop NBC.

At the pinnacle of their success, Avisha and Anne decided it was time for a change.


In 2014, Avisha earned her real estate license and developed an international network of the best professionals in the business.

Capitalizing on her network experience, Avisha has created an accelerated marketing strategy for selling homes using all the insider knowledge that led to her success on television. Before a property ever hits the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Avisha Kassir creates momentum by developing what is called a storyboard marketing plan.

During the development phase of the plan, the team works with the client to identify the best attributes of the house. Using these take-aways, Avisha and her team create a narrative that emphasizes gracious lifestyle. After creating a storyboard, the firm names the property; it is an old British tradition that Avisha has adopted.

A name for a home is unexpected, a disruptor, and catches the attention of buyers. The strategic and simple technique automatically helps set your home or investment party apart from the others. It is proven that your home will sell for more when it has a name.

Philanthropy: New Story

Avisha’s conviction for helping those in need is legendary. Among her many philanthropic efforts, New Story is the one nearest and dearest to her heart – it’s because a home is an investment in safety, health, education, and the future.

With each transaction Avisha Kassir pledges to donate proceeds to New Story. The money directly impacts a family and an entire community by lifting them from the depths of poverty and despair.

Today, over 1 billion people live without access to adequate shelter — a basic human need. Traditional methods of building will never catch up to the problem, so New Story created new solutions to help nonprofits and governments everywhere build better, cheaper, and faster.

Giving Back

With two offices covering four states, Avisha is constantly at the service of her clients to ensure top-tier concierge service through all stages of the buying and selling process… and, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a real estate broker, Avisha often introduces potential homeowners to Venetian Islands’ available properties. However, her depth of knowledge about and passion for her community can often turn her clients into her neighbors.

Even during her “down time”, Avisha lends her expertise to the Board of the Venetian Islands’ Homeowners Association (HOA). As Secretary, she serves to protect the interests of the community. With a mission to make the neighborhood closer, she creates events where the neighbors can meet. Because of this she has rightly earned the title “Venetian Queen.”

When in her own home, she plays head chef, cooking super healthy yet flavorful foods for her husband, David Kassir, and young son, Brickell. Always a gracious hostess, Avisha loves to entertain and host family and friends, creating beautiful memories.

Although Venetian Islands gives her many reasons to stay local when she is able, Avisha still indulges her wanderlust by travelling domestically and abroad with her family, discovering new towns, restaurants, and more.

To learn more about Avisha, Avisha Kassir Luxury Homes & Investment Properties, or the Venetian Islands community, call 571-436-7551.

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David Kassir & Avisha Kassir

David Kassir & Avisha Kassir

Husband and wife power couple David and Avisha Kassir are a savvy team when it comes to wealth management and real estate investments. As CEO of Manna Wealth Management, established in 1962, David advises his clients in the areas of retirement planning, investments, risk mitigation, charitable endeavors and tax strategies.

As the founder of Sorelle Realty, she specializes in both residential and commercial real estate, working with buyers, sellers and investors on a wide range of transactions, from income-producing properties to their next dream home. Avisha honed her selling and marketing skills at her decade long television show at the Home Shopping Network and other shopping channels around the globe featuring her home décor and accessories line.

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Avisha and her team were extremely professional and went above and beyond the call of duty when selling my condo. I was not in town, so Avisha had to deal with cleaning, figuring out where all the stuff went and finally, emptying the house in readiness for the new owners. Throughout it all, she was responsive, helpful and courteous. I would unhesitatingly recommend Avisha if you need a trustworthy agent who will work hard for you.

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