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A home is an investment in safety, health, education, and the future. This takes on an even bigger meaning when you purchase a new home or sell your existing one through Avisha Kassir. With each transaction Avisha Kassir pledges to donate proceeds to New Story. The money directly impacts a family and an entire community by lifting them from the depths of poverty and despair.

Today, over 1 billion people live without access to adequate shelter — a basic human need. Traditional methods of building will never catch up to the problem, so New Story created new solutions to help nonprofits and governments everywhere build better, cheaper, and faster.

When the organization builds, they work solely with local partners and local labor to build holistic communities around the world. By working with Avisha Kassir on your next real estate transaction, you will be part of this game-changing solution.

About New Story

Avisha Kassir believes when you give, you should know exactly who you help and where every penny goes. New Story operates on a transparency-first model which allows for 100% of donor giving to be allocated directly to those in need. Avisha has fallen in love with their business model and such an advocate for the cause. She takes every opportunity possible to share the message and how she cherishes the way they directly impact family and communities. To her it is mind-blowing to believe that through her work she can actually help build a home, a shelter… a haven.

Since its inception in 2014, New Story has funded more than 2,200 homes, in 17 communities, in four countries around the world, impacting more than 11,000 people. Recently, Avisha Kassir was humbled to learn that the money she contributed rose to the level equivalent of building a new home. It is the first to be build as a result of Avisha’s ongoing support. Now she is working towards her second and, hopefully, third soon after.

By way of working with Avisha Kassir, you too will contribute to New Story and be on the journey of building a home for a family in need.

Give Back Avisha Kassir

When you close a transaction with me, a donation is made to New Story to build a house for a family in need.

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