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Selling A Home In Miami Beach, McLean, VA Maryland

Accelerated Pre-Marketing Blitz

Using the same accelerated marketing approach she used to generate over $100 million in sales on international shopping channels, Avisha Kassir creates fevered anticipation over the properties her clients are selling.

Before a property ever hits the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Avisha creates momentum by developing what is called a storyboard marketing plan.  The plan, which has resulted in selling homes time and time again, yields a fast shopping to conversion rate for buyers.

During the development phase, the team works with the client to identify the best attributes of the house. Using these key take-aways, Avisha and her team create a narrative that emphasizes gracious lifestyle. After creating a storyboard, the firm names the property, an old British tradition that Avisha has adopted.

A name for a home is unexpected, a disruptor, and catches a buyer’s attention when making their short list of homes to consider. The strategic and simple technique automatically helps set your home or investment property apart from the others. It can also easily boost the value of your home and attract new potential buyers.

We have the most powerful marketing technologies in real estate. With all of these resources and more at our fingertips, we work with you to craft the campaign that will sell your property.

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    Creating a Signature Home Showcase Event

    Avisha Kassir creates a buzz among targeted influencers and hot prospects before a For Sale sign even appears on the front lawn.

    Using the storyboard marketing plan to capitalize on the most prized features of the home, Avisha’s team transforms the tired Open House concept into a themed, must-see home showcase.

    By hosting signature events at the home, the firm is advertising the property without it feeling as such. Instead it feels more like a happening that would be talked about on Page Six while bringing in qualified, potential buyers.

    An important part of packing and promoting the house is Avisha’s network. With her TV cache and time-tested real estate experience, she is incredibly liked and well-regarded among other agents and peers. This is essential for getting them to excite the right prospects, so they attend the event. In some cases, Open Houses like these alone are enough to close a sale immediately.

    Luxury Home In Miami Beach, McLean, VA Maryland
    Avisha Kassir Website

    Dedicated Website

    Avisha Kassir takes luxury and convenience to the next level by creating a custom website with an original URL for your home. The URL is used as a lead capture by the firm to obtain information on all interested parties looking at the property. Then, the team uses the information to contact the prospects and fan the flames of interest.

    Professional Staging

    Every home has a distinctive look and personal style. Staging allows us to create a space where the buyer does not have to imagine what a bedroom or study will look like.

    Working with the top stagers is key and knowing which one is perfect for each job is important. With Avisha’s vast experience and connections, she selects the right one to create an environment that entices your qualified prospective buyers.

    With a new look prospects can imagine themselves becoming part of the story of the home – picturing themselves eating Thanksgiving dinner at the table, and enjoying summer barbeques.

    Luxury Home In Miami Beach


    Capitalizing on Social Media

    Not only does Avisha Kassir believe social media is the cornerstone of marketing, she has sold properties via social media engagement alone multiple times over.

    The power of social media is undeniable, Avisha believes sellers must harness its full potential and give your luxury property a ubiquitous digital presence. With her strategic partnership with Keller Williams, they collectively push your listing to over 350 websites with an international audience.

    Under the firm’s direction, your home will also be featured on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to engage the right audience in the places they most naturally gravitate online. These platforms also allow the firm to narrow down and target people with pinpoint accuracy using tactics such as geofencing and IP address outreach.

    International Reach and Global Advertising

    Avisha and her team make your listing available to buyers around the world through Proxio Pro to more than 800,000 agents & investors. It is the largest MLS system and it is translated into English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

    This makes it simpler than ever to provide prospective buyers with the information they require, in the format they prefer. With this platform, your listing to is in front of an increased pool of prospective, non-English speaking buyers to maximize your exposure and sell more quickly.

    International Reach and Global Advertising
    Virtual Tours

    Virtual Tours

    Statistics show that listings with virtual tours get up to 70% more views than listings where there is none. It really allows prospects to see the scope of the home. Avisha Kassir will handle all the production and logistics involved in creating the tour. You simply reap the benefit of your home selling faster.

    3D Floor Plans

    3D Floor Plans

    By using the latest technology and professional team, prospects visualize what it is like to walk through a space that boasts attractive colors and interiors that are furnished with everyday objects like table, chairs, and more. They can explore interior areas like the living area, bedrooms, and kitchen. Customizing of layout becomes easy and gives the client ideas for how their own belongings mike look in that space.

    sell your luxury home Miami Beach, McLean, VA Maryland

    Ultra HD Images & Video

    With Internet exposure and traditional advertising such as magazine ads so critical to the sale of your home, capturing the money shot has never been more important.

    Prospective buyers will judge whether they want to look at your home based on the photos. Avisha Kassir uses the services of the most accomplished real estate photographers in the business to ensure the agility and resolution are seamless on any device. Additionally, members of the marketing team are present during the photoshoot to ensure that the photographer stays focused on the storyboard elements and captures the images and attributes of the home, neighborhood, and lifestyle through the lens.

    If you’re looking to sell your luxury home now or in the future, call Avisha Kassir Luxury Homes & Real Estate to get the most money for your investment.

    What Our Clients Say

    Avisha were so wonderful through our entire home selling process. The extensive marketing they provided to get my home sold was incredible! They started with a great event for all of our neighbors which was fun followed by weekly open houses until we received a contract. I will only admit it now that the contract was $20,000 higher than the similar models which sold in the neighborhood, it is easy to tell these ladies have massive amounts of marketing experience! I couldn’t have picked a better team to work with! Thanks for everything we look forward to referring you to friends and family!

    Selling a Home Avisha Kassir

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