Luxury Homes &
Investment Properties

Luxury Homes &
Investment Properties

Luxury Homes &
Investment Properties

Luxury Homes &
Investment Properties

Luxury Homes &
Investment Properties

Luxury Homes &
Investment Properties

Luxury Homes &
Investment Properties

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Real Estate agent South Florida, DC, Virginia & Maryland

Powerhouse Serving Happy Clients in South Florida, DC, Virginia & Maryland

Whether you’re seeking to join the glamorous elite and indulge in Miami’s decadent playground… a buyer longing for solitude near the heart of our nation’s Capitol… a mogul on the hunt for your next multi-family investment… Avisha Kassir and her powerhouse team cater to the scene’s most powerful and discerning with distinctive concierge experience.

A Bespoke Client Experience

South Florida, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland, Avisha Kassir Luxury Homes Investment Properties is everywhere you want to be.

Covering four states with two strategically positioned offices, Avisha and her team are completely intrenched in the culture, economy, schools, and commerce associated with each location. Anything you need to know; this top-notch group is on call and on point 24/7 for the duration of your search and beyond.

Avisha Kassir, has cultivated a highly successful business by delivering the most personalized, seamless experience someone of your standing deserves.

Luxury Homes Investment Properties
Avisha Kassir

Primary Resident, Second Home,
or Investment Property

Avisha knows that purchasing your dream home is everything – it’s birthdays, milestones, a haven. And because you dream big, you may need more than one home. Each must perform in their own way to hold the cherished memories you plan on making in them. Avisha has been there and is honored to help make it your reality.

A real estate investor herself, Avisha has insider market knowledge and a great ability to forecast costs associated with strategic updates that guarantee maximum ROI. As your broker, whether it’s your 1st or 21st multi-family investment, Avisha brings her fierce negotiation skills and client-first mentality to the table. Rest assured that with Avisha Kassir you will get every single dollar coming to you.

The agency’s unparalleled concierge service means you experience a seamless transaction from A to Z. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is what event planner to use for your housewarming soiree – and don’t worry, Avisha Kassir and her team have that covered too if you want…

The Avisha Kassir Difference

Avisha Kassir has a long-standing reputation and track record that is renowned among the well-heeled and well-known. The luxury real estate firm leverages technology, accelerated marketing, and a concierge experience that is unparalleled. Immersed in international luxury real estate and investment properties, Avisha Kassir’s contacts – both professionally and socially – often give the firm exclusive off-market listings for an added layer of privacy and discretion.

For clients who are selling, marketing is of the utmost importance. Avisha Kassir is known for laser focused, above-and-beyond buzz generation. Marketing a home involves incredibly elaborate promotional outreach campaigns. They include everything from glossy ads in high-end lifestyle magazines to direct-mail sent to high-net-worth lists, even producing original drone shot footage in ultra HD of the property for its very own custom website with dedicated URL, and so much more.

Based on their “so much more” commitment, Avisha capitalizes on her network experience and implements the same accelerated marketing insider knowledge that led to her historic success of achieving over $100 million in sales on HSN. Before a property ever hits the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Avisha Kassir creates momentum by developing what is called a storyboard marketing plan. During the development phase of the plan, the team works with the client to identify the best attributes of the house. Using these take-aways, Avisha and her team create a narrative that emphasizes gracious lifestyle. After creating a storyboard, the firm names the property; it is an old British tradition that Avisha has adopted.

Lastly, for promotion, relocating, or just plain fun, Avisha’s global network grants clients access to a roster of preeminent photographers, videographers, interior designers, architects, contractors, movers, spas, and quite simply the best of everything to create an unforgettable experience whether you are buying or selling.

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Giving Back

A home is an investment in safety, health, education, and the future. This takes on an even bigger meaning when you purchase a new home or sell your existing one through Avisha Kassir. With each transaction Avisha Kassir pledges to donate proceeds to New Story. The money directly impacts a family and an entire community by lifting them from the depths of poverty and despair.

Today, over 1 billion people live without access to adequate shelter — a basic human need. Traditional methods of building will never catch up to the problem, so New Story created new solutions to help nonprofits and governments everywhere build better, cheaper, and faster.

When the organization builds, they work solely with local partners and local labor to build holistic communities around the world. By working with Avisha Kassir on your next real estate transaction, you will be part of this game-changing solution.sha Kassir – Licensed Real Estate Broker in South Florida, Washington D.C., Virginia & Maryland

What Our Clients Say

After interviewing several real estate brokers we chose Avisha due to the professional way she presented herself and her in depth knowledge of real estate. In a short period of time she grasped our needs and time frame. She had a great rapport with other realtors and within a short time out home was under contract

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L and M Mendez

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